I…..Have a fur baby!

For as long as I can remember, I have ALWAYS wanted a puppy! Some of my earliest memories are of me walking with my parents and seeing a cute dog and then proceeding to ask them if I could have one….and them inevitably saying “no”.

Oh, how I longed to have a fluffy pup of my own to go hiking with, to love, to travel and see the world with. Finally, my dream has come true in the form of a now 12 week old Cavachon puppy. As a mixture of a graduation and birthday gift (Oh yeah my birthday was July 6th). I purchased Riley, and we have been together almost non-stop.

No idea what a Cavachon is? NO PROBLEM! Take a quick look at this video and you’ll understand my little Riley has stolen my heart….and the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with

Ev11222428_10207409122094171_1195013257982613960_oen though raising a puppy alone comes with its challenges, I am excited to see what adventures she and I can get into. I’m sure that once this adorable ball of fluff can be potty trained as well as given some obedience direction. That she will be even more of a perfect companion for me. My next mission is to convince my boss to allow me to keep Riley in my office during the day. For the most part, she doesn’t make noise unless she is excited of scared. Once she calms down and explores her new surroundings, she just lays under my desk and naps until it’s time to take her out to use the bathroom.

So wish me lunch with this little girl! As well as for getting my boss to let me bring her into the office so she can just hang with Papa all day.

You never know until you try right!


So….. welcome to the age of open mindedness!

Earlier today a friend of mine and I were having a conversation about how open most millennials are in the United States. Most individuals who belong to my generation do not think twice when it comes to expressing our opinions and how we expect the world to work. The same could be said of people looking at their sexuality on a spectrum.

Currently, in the United States there are 36 states who have some form of legal same-sex marriages. As same-sex couples are beginning to gain more recognition as the “norm” alongside their heterosexual counterparts. With that said, a series of social experiments have begun to develop to test this theory of mine. Challenging the boundaries of ourselves and those of our social counterparts have started to become a sort of game designed to bring awareness to the public. Take a look at this fantastic video of women going around her college campus and asking other women out on dates. Their reactions are PRICELESS!

Until Next time! Take Chances! Make mistakes! AND GET MESSY!!

A lesson in Humanity

As I get older and become more aware of all of the crazy things that occur in this great big world that we call home. I wonder where all of the humanity has gone? When did we all become so jaded and caught up in our own messes that we can’t recognize that someone close to us needs help?

What happened to “helping thy neighbor”? What happen to smiling and saying good morning to people when you cross paths during the day? What happen to saying “thank you” at ANY random act of kindness that people show you?

In my opinion I think as Human beings we have to remember the golden rule collectively. (Treat others the way you want to be treated)

Veronika, CEO and founder of The Empowerment Plan, who empowers homeless women to become more independent by teaching them skills in which they can use in order to keep a steady job and to support their families.

One stitch at a time Veronika is making a difference in her community to reduce the stigma associated with homeless citizens and to remind others that we are ll human and have rights.

Her story is truly heartwarming and brilliant. Personally she has inspired me to remind myself that there is a bigger picture to being here on this Earth. Giving back and assisting those who need it most is what humanity is all about.

I want everyone reading this to think of ways (no mater how large or how small that way it) to help our fellow humans who need it most.

Until Next time! Take Chances! Make mistakes! GET MESSY!!

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