Reflection: Risk it all

As many of you might know, I’ve decided to take a position at my high school as Director of Communications. This decision isn’t something that just came to me or something that I ever thought I would do. It took me a lot of soul searching and questioning myself for me to come to this conclusion.

I will be honest; I wasn’t sure how I would cope with being back in a high school environment…Especially MY high school environment.

High school was a rough time for me. I was away from my family for the first time (Boarding school) and I was still wrestling to come to terms with my sexuality. Looking back I can say that I was terrified all the time to say the least. For such a long time, this place has been a symbol of that terror and a place where I felt like I didn’t belong. It is because of that reason that I decided I should come back here and face my demons.

In order for me to continue to grow and discover myself, I have to face my fears head on and dismantle them one after another.

I can honestly say that I am very glad and proud of myself for doing so. Not only has this move, new position and new puppy been really good for me. It has the potential to be good for those around me as well as my students. I can feel myself starting to let go of so much of the baggage that I have been carrying around with me for so long. I feel free….

Yes, I know this is cheesy, but it’s true. I fee like I am getting to know the real me. I’m no longer insecure about many of the things just a month ago would bother me so much. It’s crazy

My reflection after all this is that I have to keep trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone and to break the mold that I have placed myself.

One of the taglines that the school is not focusing on is “risk becoming your best.”

I think I may just be doing that. I will do everything within my power to risk becoming the best person that I can be.

Blaah I’m just babbling now hahah

Until Next time!

Me after running my first official photoshoot as Director Of Communications
Me after running my first official photoshoot as Director Of Communications

Take Chances! Make Mistakes and GET MESSY!!!

So much is happening

So over the last few weeks I have been traveling around the east coast of the United Stated attending conferences for my new job as well as a hosting event this new position. GIRL! LET ME TELL YOU!

I’m tired…like dead tired. I came back to my apartment in Boston on Thursday and CRASHED!

I did wake up to spend time with my puppy aka my boyfriend before I make thins big move to Pennsylvania because I have no clue when the next

Though we may be apart for a while, I still love this guy to death. See you in a few months pup and know that when things get rough I'll be there holding your hand
Though we may be apart for a while, I still love this guy to death. See you in a few months pup and know that when things get rough I’ll be there holding your hand

time I will see him, which makes me very sad, but I know that this is something that will benefit me and my career in the long run. So I’m going to chase my dreams and put my heart and soul into this career change.

I just want Ben (My boyfriend) to know that I love him and that I am doing this for us. I can’t wait to be able to support us both, not only financially, but in every aspect of the word. Over the past year, I have learned so much about myself as a person. I’m excited to keep this growth going and to pass it along to others that I meet in my travels….so get ready for a wild ride baby!

So switching gears, I have exactly four days to pack up everything I own and move to PA….wish me luck! I’M GOING TO NEED IT!

This week I was featured in an article!

On last Thursday (April 16th) I was invited to share my story on how visiting El Paso has changed my life, and how I plan to keep the lessons I have learned while there alive as I continue through life. My apologies for not completing my El Paso blog posts,  but I felt that they were very personal and that I should keep those experiences to myself, but like always if anyone is interested in my El Paso experience that I spoke to immigrants coming to the US (Some legally and some illegally), feel free to shoot me an email with your questions.

I’ll like the article here: Check it out!


Keep Calm and Adult on!


As we all know growing up is an inevitable thing that happens to us all, but when was that moment when you finally realized…..CRAP! I’M AN ADULT!?!?

For me, this moment was streamed out over this past February. I can remember sitting in my living room on my favorite part of our plushy brown couch surrounded by friends drinking a bottle of red wine and then it hit me. WHAT ARE WE DOING!?! WHO ARE WE!?

Not too long ago I was partying it up as an undergrad without a care in the world! Now I’m sitting here talking about the incredible interest rate I got on a new car and saying how excited I was to start applying for “real” jobs soon. Ironically at that exact moment my mother called me to asked if I had filed my taxes….me? Pay taxes? Li-Lik- Like a responsible adult? When did this happen?

I’ll tell you when! Somewhere between my last keg stand and moving to a new city for Graduate school I had blossomed into a beautiful adult. This came as a shock to me as my friends told me that I was becoming “a real person who had his shit together”. But honestly, Do I have my shit together?

On the outside, it might seem like I know what I’m doing, but in reality, I find myself fumbling around in the dark trying to find the precocial light switch for my adulthood. My friends might think that just because I am almost finished with graduate school, and I am able to take trips in addition to having a new car. That these facts make me an adult….when in reality it just makes me a person basically like everyone else.

I keep telling myself that yes you are an adult. You might feel like a scared 16-year old who is having to retake their road test every day, but that’s okay. I will be ok….YOU will be ok! Just Keep calm and Adult on!

(Special Shout out to the Society of Grownups for creating so many amazing ads about growing up. I love seeing them around Boston!)

Until Next time! Take Chances! Make Mistakes! Get messy! LIKE AN ADULT!! asset

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