SoulPancakes “Tell My Story”

Everyone knows that when meeting someone for the first time, it can be a little awkward. This is even more so when meeting a potential mate!

In SoulPancake’s new video segment “Tell My Story,” people meet for the first time and try to guess basic information about a person, just based on of they way they look and their first impressions of each other. These questions are the basics one might ask when meeting someone for the first time. (Like their name, how old they are and where their from). Pretty happy go lucky silly things. It isn’t until the second layer of questions when the assumptions start to go a little deeper. (Depending on which video you watch first, it can be a little jarring)

What gets interesting is how wrong some people’s assumptions are and how off putting these assumptions can be. It also goes to show that people have no idea what a person has gone through just by looking at them. First impressions are crucial, but don’t let those impressions be the only takeaway you make about a person when you first meet.

One of my favorite videos so far is the one I’ve placed below. I don’t want to give away too much, but I did find it interesting that one person assumed that religion wouldn’t be a big deal when talking about raising children and the other participant got a little prickly about the thought of not having a religion for his children. It wasn’t until the two talked a bit more and shared their religious backgrounds and experience that the two started to understand each other. Just goes to show, that you should be mindful of other people’s situations before forming hard opinions. Check it out and let me know your thought!

Welcome to 2017!

Hello All! I hope your new year is off to an amazing start! (So far so good on my end.) I just wanted to do a little PSA about some of my upcoming goals and wishes for 2017! I really want to commit more to perfecting my craft. Whether that is by writing more, taking a few more classes or just networking and surrounding myself with like-minded people who are driven and want to do the same.

I also want to create more videos on my YouTube channel (any video suggestions would be greatly appreciated) Check out my mini New year’s blog below!


I also want to grow my podcast audience and be able to possible start having some guests on the show soon! You can check out The Tokies Podcast here and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via our social and we’d be happy to answer anything and everything.


Stay tuned for more life updates and for upcoming changes in 2017!

Until next time! Take Chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy!


Kiki with Gigi Gorgeous 💋

In light of everything happening in America (i.e the 2016 presidential election and the anti- LGBT rhetoric and attacks happening in the US), YouTube sensation GiGi Gorgeous has created a new talk show style segment on her youtube channel do address some of these issues. Though she and her guest do not openly come out and denounce the occurrences taking place, they do have an open dialog regarding self-identity and the struggles which LGBTQ individuals do face while growing up.

Check out the video below:

Though her millions of viewers, Gigi and her guest voice many of the concerns facing LGBTQ individuals. They also provide viewers with examples of individuals on the gender spectrum. Personally, I think this segment comes at a pivotal moment in U.S., and global history. In the on coming month, many LGBTQ rights here in America may be challenged under the Trump administration regime. Our new Vice President Mike Pence has openly admitted to wanting to overturn all legislation which protects LGBTQ individuals both federally and statewide. He also wishes to defund the Planned Parenthood organization so that he can open more anti-LGBTQ clinics where conversion therapy options will be offered.

Now I honestly do not believe that any of this radical republican rhetoric could come to fruition, but it is quite alarming that so many American’s have backed such ideas. I find it quite frightening that in 2016 people still believe that all American’s don’t deserve the same rights. Needless to say, the next four years should be an interesting time and I hope that American’s can make great informed decisions regarding out rights.

Now is the time to take chances, make mistakes and to get messy!


Donald Trump: Mr. President?

One of the biggest lessons my parents have taught me is to be a good sport. Donald Trump has won. He is now our president, and I hope and pray that he can make informed and correct decisions on behalf of the rest of the country. (Yes, I am terrified. Yes, I am a bit sad, but I am still an American.) I will continue to support my country and work for equality and freedom for all! Instead of dwelling on what happen last night, let’s look to the future and see how we all can make a difference. How can we get this man to see that America is already great and that restricting the rights of citizens and our immigrant brothers and sisters will be counter productive? So stand tall friends, make him SEE us and hear us. Enough so that they can’t ignore us. God’s speed

Show vs. Tell: The Definitive Run-Down

Under-Paid, Over-Enthused

show vs. tell Photo courtesy of Pixabay, public domain. Edited by S. Hunter Nisbet.

“More showing, less telling” is the battle cry of the the beta reader. But what does it actually mean?

First of all, let’s start by saying that showing and telling are both okay techniques when used properly. There’s nothing inherently wrong with either.

What’s wrong is using them exclusively. A book entirely told is boring. A book entirely shown is way too long and therefore also boring. So what’s the deal with using them?

Before we get started, let’s answer: what is show, and what is tell?

This is where most beginning writers, and a large number of experienced ones, trip up. In their head, they think, “Right, I’ve got this. Showing is like giving people a picture. Telling is saying the word.”


Have you ever read a phrase along the lines of “she felt her lips tug…

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Why I Stopped Caring About Banned Books Week

Under-Paid, Over-Enthused

banned-books Logo copyright to S. Hunter Nisbet, 2016.

Banned Books Week: the week trade publishers who have already made a butt-load off a certain book try to make a little more by pretending to be oppressed.

Call me cynical.

What is this week? It’s the week we talk about books that regularly get banned from schools, libraries, and even entire towns. Texts such as that obscure tome Harry Potter, or, what’s it called again, Anne Frank, Dairy of a Girl. Good books. Important books. Books that you’ve probably read, because, uh, wait, I thought they were banned?

Ah, we found the catch. See, Banned Book Week is one of those events that sounds really good and important, until you realize, actually, there isn’t much there.

For people to care that a book is banned, a lot of people have to have already read it when the “take it away”…

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Unpopular Opinion:Demi Lovato,Social Justice Warrior

According to Seventeen Magazine, 17-year-old Vladimir Serbanescu is a self-taught artist from Romania who started drawing portraits of celebrities and posting them to Instagram at age 14. He is also the Artist who drew and posted this picture of Demi Lovato as a mermaid:1a8.png

Pretty cool huh? I thought so too when I first saw it! Apparently, Vladimir’s muse Demi Lovato didn’t think so. On her Instagram, the star shot down the drawing stating:

“Is that how my boobs should look? It’s gorgeous, but that’s not my body.”

This statement left me and many others in a bit of a daze. Yes, Demi we know this is not your body…because you aren’t in fact a mermaid.

Like many artists from the beginning of time, Vladimir used his imagination in order to create a work of art. The seventeen-year-old used classic iconography and artistic freedom to turn his subject (You Demi) into a mythical creature who lives in the ocean and breathes underwater. This wasn’t a statement on how your body looks or how he believes that your body SHOULD look, it was merely an artist creating a work of art which was part of a collection. Don’t believe me, here’s what Vladimir had to say about his work of art.


I couldn’t agree more….

Not to knock Demi (or dismiss her feelings regarding a piece of are where she is the subject) and other stars who are under the constant struggle to appear perfect under tremendous pressure from society, but much like my Vindictive Protectiveness where I stated how in American society today we are all constantly trying to be politically correct all the time and appear to be as socially versed in social justice issues, that we sometimes drop the ball and lean away from uncomfortable subjects which would help us to learn and grow as a society and individuals, thus missing out on amazing opportunities.

I believe that this is one of those moments. I know that Demi likes to use her platform to encourage others to be who they are and to love the skin that they are in, but this work of art was not the time, nor the place to use one’s platform as a celebrity to make a statement.Especially since he used this image a a model. In this picture, neither Demi’s breast or full waist are seen. This means that the artist had to use his imagination and design eye to create the rest of the picture.


Now if her breast and the rest of her body could have been clearly seen and the artist purposely drew them out of proportion or in a more idealized way, I might have been able to get behind Demi and be like.…this isn’t cool kid! BUT, in this picture, you can see her general body shape and position which IS how the picture looks without the interpreted other bits.

So in my professional opinion (Pff professional…yeah right!) I would suggest that people stick to the correct times and places to call someone out on a social justice issue. Not everything needs to be a heated battle. Sometimes things really are just face value….

Japanese-American’s Visit WWII Incarceration Camp: Just some thoughts.

Listening to the reflections of the participants in this video and hearing what other American’s were saying about our Japanese American brethren is truly heartbreaking. As An African-American living in America, I can empathize with these feelings of self-doubt and questioning what it means to be “American” in a country where many people support the rhetoric which Donald Trump, the Westboro Baptist Church, and Ann Coulter preach.

I often wonder how our Asian, Latinx and Native brothers and sisters feel in America when it only seems like the white and black stories of today are making the news. Shoutout to Buzz Feed for  creating such an enlightening us on a portion of the modern Japanese-American story.

Just another Day In 2016 US politics

Here’s what we’ve learned so far this week in American Politics. On September 26, 2016, the US held it’s first 2016 Presidential debate and a long story short….it was a hot mess. For the first 30 minutes, both candidates did fairly well. (Watch Here) Both nominees seemed to be cordial  and even seemed like they were willing to answer all questions asked of them…NOT.

Here’s the scoop. Poor Lester Holt lost all control of the debate after Hilary took a small jab at Trump questioning Trump’s policies and qualifications to be president. After this comment, Trump seemed to come undone and his body language totally changed. Instead of being the calm, collected candidate who walked  out on the stage, Trump reverted back to his typical self and started cutting people off and being…well….RUDE!

One thing that seems to have everyone talking is how Trump believes that his evasion of taxes makes him a “smart business man”. Hilary called him out and basically said that he was not fit for president because he was avoiding giving back to his country (3 points for Gryffindor because I agree.)

Let’s see how this all goes….

Here’s the Tea: Tokies on the N- Word

All my life I had to fight! (((Trigger Warning))) This week on #TokiesPodcast we discuss the notorious “N-word.” How we feel about it and how our relationship with the word has been changing post-college. After the last year I’ve had, this word has been brought up by both co-workers and students and my relationship with the word has shifted. Check it out

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