SoulPancakes “Tell My Story”

Everyone knows that when meeting someone for the first time, it can be a little awkward. This is even more so when meeting a potential mate!

In SoulPancake’s new video segment “Tell My Story,” people meet for the first time and try to guess basic information about a person, just based on of they way they look and their first impressions of each other. These questions are the basics one might ask when meeting someone for the first time. (Like their name, how old they are and where their from). Pretty happy go lucky silly things. It isn’t until the second layer of questions when the assumptions start to go a little deeper. (Depending on which video you watch first, it can be a little jarring)

What gets interesting is how wrong some people’s assumptions are and how off putting these assumptions can be. It also goes to show that people have no idea what a person has gone through just by looking at them. First impressions are crucial, but don’t let those impressions be the only takeaway you make about a person when you first meet.

One of my favorite¬†videos so far is the one I’ve placed below. I don’t want to give away too much, but I did find it interesting that one person assumed that religion wouldn’t be a big deal when talking about raising children and the other participant got a little prickly about the thought of not having a religion for his children. It wasn’t until the two talked a bit more and shared their religious backgrounds and experience that the two started to understand each other. Just goes to show, that you should be mindful of other people’s situations¬†before forming hard opinions. Check it out and let me know your thought!

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