Kiki with Gigi Gorgeous 💋

In light of everything happening in America (i.e the 2016 presidential election and the anti- LGBT rhetoric and attacks happening in the US), YouTube sensation GiGi Gorgeous has created a new talk show style segment on her youtube channel do address some of these issues. Though she and her guest do not openly come out and denounce the occurrences taking place, they do have an open dialog regarding self-identity and the struggles which LGBTQ individuals do face while growing up.

Check out the video below:

Though her millions of viewers, Gigi and her guest voice many of the concerns facing LGBTQ individuals. They also provide viewers with examples of individuals on the gender spectrum. Personally, I think this segment comes at a pivotal moment in U.S., and global history. In the on coming month, many LGBTQ rights here in America may be challenged under the Trump administration regime. Our new Vice President Mike Pence has openly admitted to wanting to overturn all legislation which protects LGBTQ individuals both federally and statewide. He also wishes to defund the Planned Parenthood organization so that he can open more anti-LGBTQ clinics where conversion therapy options will be offered.

Now I honestly do not believe that any of this radical republican rhetoric could come to fruition, but it is quite alarming that so many American’s have backed such ideas. I find it quite frightening that in 2016 people still believe that all American’s don’t deserve the same rights. Needless to say, the next four years should be an interesting time and I hope that American’s can make great informed decisions regarding out rights.

Now is the time to take chances, make mistakes and to get messy!


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