Unpopular Opinion:Demi Lovato,Social Justice Warrior

According to Seventeen Magazine, 17-year-old Vladimir Serbanescu is a self-taught artist from Romania who started drawing portraits of celebrities and posting them to Instagram at age 14. He is also the Artist who drew and posted this picture of Demi Lovato as a mermaid:1a8.png

Pretty cool huh? I thought so too when I first saw it! Apparently, Vladimir’s muse Demi Lovato didn’t think so. On her Instagram, the star shot down the drawing stating:

“Is that how my boobs should look? It’s gorgeous, but that’s not my body.”

This statement left me and many others in a bit of a daze. Yes, Demi we know this is not your body…because you aren’t in fact a mermaid.

Like many artists from the beginning of time, Vladimir used his imagination in order to create a work of art. The seventeen-year-old used classic iconography and artistic freedom to turn his subject (You Demi) into a mythical creature who lives in the ocean and breathes underwater. This wasn’t a statement on how your body looks or how he believes that your body SHOULD look, it was merely an artist creating a work of art which was part of a collection. Don’t believe me, here’s what Vladimir had to say about his work of art.


I couldn’t agree more….

Not to knock Demi (or dismiss her feelings regarding a piece of are where she is the subject) and other stars who are under the constant struggle to appear perfect under tremendous pressure from society, but much like my Vindictive Protectiveness where I stated how in American society today we are all constantly trying to be politically correct all the time and appear to be as socially versed in social justice issues, that we sometimes drop the ball and lean away from uncomfortable subjects which would help us to learn and grow as a society and individuals, thus missing out on amazing opportunities.

I believe that this is one of those moments. I know that Demi likes to use her platform to encourage others to be who they are and to love the skin that they are in, but this work of art was not the time, nor the place to use one’s platform as a celebrity to make a statement.Especially since he used this image a a model. In this picture, neither Demi’s breast or full waist are seen. This means that the artist had to use his imagination and design eye to create the rest of the picture.


Now if her breast and the rest of her body could have been clearly seen and the artist purposely drew them out of proportion or in a more idealized way, I might have been able to get behind Demi and be like. ..so…this isn’t cool kid! BUT, in this picture, you can see her general body shape and position which IS how the picture looks without the interpreted other bits.

So in my professional opinion (Pff professional…yeah right!) I would suggest that people stick to the correct times and places to call someone out on a social justice issue. Not everything needs to be a heated battle. Sometimes things really are just face value….

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