Just another Day In 2016 US politics

Here’s what we’ve learned so far this week in American Politics. On September 26, 2016, the US held it’s first 2016 Presidential debate and a long story short….it was a hot mess. For the first 30 minutes, both candidates did fairly well. (Watch Here) Both nominees seemed to be cordial  and even seemed like they were willing to answer all questions asked of them…NOT.

Here’s the scoop. Poor Lester Holt lost all control of the debate after Hilary took a small jab at Trump questioning Trump’s policies and qualifications to be president. After this comment, Trump seemed to come undone and his body language totally changed. Instead of being the calm, collected candidate who walked  out on the stage, Trump reverted back to his typical self and started cutting people off and being…well….RUDE!

One thing that seems to have everyone talking is how Trump believes that his evasion of taxes makes him a “smart business man”. Hilary called him out and basically said that he was not fit for president because he was avoiding giving back to his country (3 points for Gryffindor because I agree.)

Let’s see how this all goes….

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