My Heart is Heavy: Living In America As A Black Gay Man

As of July 7,2016, police officers in America have killed 136 black people in 2016 alone.( As someone who identifies with the black queer community, I can’t even fathom how one minute everyone can be morning the loss of our 49 brother’s and sisters who lost their lives in Orlando, yet condone the shooting of two unarmed black men (YES TWO BLACK MEN) IN THE SAME WEEK! America we need to get it together.

This morning after hearing about the second shooting, I came across an article from July 5th about how the Black Lives Matter Movement shut down the annual Gay Pride Parade in Toronto Canada. It was also not the first time LGBTQ groups and the Black lives movement have clashed. Like myself, there are thousands of other black LGBTQ people out there in the world and many allies who identify with both movements. I think it is interesting that sometimes when the two groups come together, people are not about collaboration, but about only furthering their own movements.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that the world is all sunshine, rainbows, and ponies. I know that it is in human nature to further our own agenda, but I’m just curious as to why this had to be the time and black to do so, especially with trans women of color accounting for the majority of all LGBTQ attacks and killings here in the United States. If you are a person or Ally of the LGBTQ community, yet you are silent about this, rethink your life! The same could be said for all the black people out there saying that “All Gays Should Die!”. We are all in this together, and you need to wake up! SMH

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