Years and Years: Worship

Once again the band Years & Year has created an amazing work of art that also makes a powerful statement.  In their latest video “Worship”  the trio uses sexual undertones to expose the seedy underworld which is male prostitution. According to, 20 percent of the world’s prostitution population are men and that “[the] Mortality [rate] among prostitutes is substantially higher than the mortality rate of the society in which the prostitutes worked or lived. The study showed that the general population had a mortality rate of 1.9 per every 100,000 people, but the mortality for prostitutes was 391 per 100,000 people, and active prostitutes have a mortality rate of 459 per 100,000 people. ”

In this video, lead singer Olly Alexander sways sensually while and older gentleman seems to be closely watching and even possibly pleasuring himself in a parked care nearby. Throughout the video, Olly is seen licking and rubbing against objects which could be a metaphor for giving oral sex. This is again referenced when Olly pretends to be biting down hard on an imaginary object and the older man creepily watching him from his car begins to freak out….presumably because he has had his penis bitten.

I think it is very interesting how Years and Years have recently begun to speak more openly about issues which are near and dear to their hearts, specifically, LGBTQIA issues and topics. I believe with all of the anti-gay and anti-trans rhetoric which has been filling news outlets lately; I think it is necessary for big name celebrities and politicians to speak up against these issues and create a social dialog where people will be able to express their opinions without being disrespectful to either side of the conversation.

I’m actually quite proud of this video, and I didn’t even work on it! I think it has a great message, and if you look up the lyrics, you can see the thought process and message which the artist was trying to convey. Way to get messy guys!

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