After the shooting in Orlando last week, a number of individuals from around the world, including myself, have taken to social media to show their support and solidarity for the victims of this mass shooting and for the LGBTQ community at large. It was during one of these social media movements that the hashtag #ProudToBe was developed.

As you can see from the video above, #ProudToBe is meant to give people a platform where they can come together to celebrate their individual identities, as well as the Identities fo other members within the LGBTQ community. So whether you identify as being one of the many sexual identities in out LGBTQI rainbow soup, or as an ally. You too have a voice that needs to be heard. With this hashtag, people are able to say “Hey, this was something terrible that happened in our community, but we will not allow this type of hate and bigotry to silence our identity and what we stand for”.

I personally feel like this was one of the greatest gifts that YouTube could have provided us with this year for Pride. Through this hashtag, people are able to share their stories and ideas about what it means to identify as something. This is also one of the reasons the other Tokies and I decided to dedicate a podcast to identity and haveing pride in one’s self.

Check it out here: Episode 6 of the Tokies Podcast

So remember my friends! BE PROUD TO BE YOU!

Happy Pride Moth All!

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