Through The Wall

Tomorrow at Perk, we are kicking off our Social Justice Week or SJW. The goal of SJW is to raise awareness of injustices, engage in lively discussion, listen to all viewpoints, and to educate The Perkiomen School students about the difference they can make.  The focus of the week will be putting empathy into action.  The theme for the 2015-2016 school year has been Inclusion which supports the goals of this programming and is reflected in the many workshops, screenings, speakers, and activities offered by faculty, students, and outside speakers

This short film is one of the topics of discussions I want to share with my students. Immigration is a harsh reality which many people have to face every day. Last year I traveled to El Paso Texas to learn more about the immigration laws here in America and abroad. I also had the privilege and pleasure to meet some amazing people. Many of their stories were similar to the one featured in this short film, and it still makes me sick to my stomach to think that this is a common occurrence every day and that no one is talking about it.  Trump wins this election, more people will be separated from their families and grow up not knowing a parent

Trump wins the next presidential election and rallies the support to build a more substantial wall between The United States and Mexico, more people will be separated from their families and grow up not knowing a parent or other family member.

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