Greetings from Salvador

As I sit here on my friend’s cousins couch overlooking a lush green back yard and pool, I can help but think. Wow…how in the hell did I get so lucky to be here?

Not just here Salvador, Brazil, but here as in Earth. How is it that I can just be here….relaxed and happy?  Lately I have felt very overwhelmed by my lifeback in the states that I sometimes forget to just be….

To just be happy.

I think if we all just take a moment and enjoy the little things in our life and really put into perspective what is going on, then we all could potentially be a little happier.

The crazy thing is that it took me flying to a different content and experiencing a different culture and way of life for me to understand this. So I’m making a statement here and now. I’m going to treat myself and just be happy. I’m not going to internalize the negative things people say about me or let them make me believe that just because I have high standards for myself that I am arrogant or forceful when I need something to be done.

This is my charge


I will take chances. Learn from my mistakes and live in my messy IMG_20160204_094736.jpg

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