A Breathless Choir

Every so often when surfing the web, I come across a story or video that truly touches my heart and soul. This morning the piece that almost brought me to tears involved a video created by Philips, a Dutch technology company headquartered in Amsterdam with primary divisions focused in the areas of electronics, healthcare, and lighting.

In this video, individuals with breathing disabilities who love to sing, but are unable to because of their breathing issues, were brought together in order to assist them in finding their voices again.

Check it out:

I love seeing videos such as this one. I also love that companies are starting to see the value of experiential marketing. This video wasn’t created just so promote one specific product; it was designed to showcase what type of company Philips is and with a tag line stating “Innovation and you,” one can’t help but wonder how else this dynamic company will be making strides to push innovation.

Companies who are creating this type of experience are changing people’s lives. In the following video, the thought process and research that went into this project can be seen. The products, emotions, and care that helped make this all possible is just astounding.

As a marketer, I want to work with companies such as this one. Corporate global responsibility is a big deal now. A company can not escape it, and when a corporation acknowledges these amazing things happen. People’s lives change, the world becomes a better place, and we can get back to being human. So much of our humanity is lost to technology, but when humanity and technology can come together to make, peoples live better, its a beautiful thing.


I’m just rambling and gushing at this point, haha but I just wanted to share these videos about this project and encourage my fellow marketers and communications professionals to create meaningful marketing materials. We shouldn’t just be driving sales; we should be driving humanity to become better.

Until Next time, Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!!

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