Life update!: Try To Steady Her As She Goes!

This week has been a grueling week in the independent school world for me. I’ve had to deal with unruly and disrespectful teenagers, angry parents, confusing senior admin and deadlines that seem to be coming out of the blue. (How is it already October?!?! We JUST got here!!)

All of that aside, I did get to attend a local gathering of people of colors and those who work doing diversity work in independent schools. I didn’t want to turn this opportunity to network into a bitch fest, but one of my coworkers mentioned how I was having a hard time this week and then it turned into my divulging some of the craziness, which is my life to them. Many if not all were very attentive and listened to whatever I had to say. Quite a few people then shared similar stories, which made me feel so much better.

One piece of advice that everyone told me was “GET AWAY FOR A WHILE.” It’s funny because my boss was telling me the exact same thing. She even told me to stop putting so much pressure on myself and not to work so hard. I think I’m still in the grad school hangover when it comes to my work ethic. My grad program was preparing us to work in the ad agency world, which is highly competitive and high-strung. I think that I took some of this mentality with me when I transitioned to an independent school. Something inside of me is telling me to GO GO GO! PRODUCE MORE! BE BETTER OR YOU WON’T BE INVITED BACK NEXT YEAR!

I totally know that this won’t be the case (Hopefully), but I do know that I want to continue to build my portfolio and to learn everything that I can with the time that I have here. I also want to continue to make a difference at this school. I’ve had a few staff members and students come up to me and tell me how happy that I am working here this year. I haven’t even really been doing anything besides just being me…. Lough, outspoken, workaholic lil old me, but apparently this is enough for them.

So here is to continuing to be me and continuing growing and learning. I just want to be the best person that I can be and to build and empire filled with love, joy and copious amounts of laughter.

So until next time my friend! Take chances! Make Mistakes! Get messy!!

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