I was reading an article on NPR about how the original voice actor of Bambi, the cute little deer who was deemed “prince of the forest” ended up becoming a high ranking Marine later in life. For some reason, this resonated with me. I think it is really funny that such a classic icon that has the reputation for being soft, gentle and docile. Did a total 180 and became something that in American culture is one of the toughest, most badass branches of our military.

Donnie Dunagan, the voice of Bambi even said that he felt compelled to hide this side of himself from his fellow Marines and even his wife because he was afraid of how they would perceive him. I think it’s just a little ironic that this is how people are forced to live their lives. Perception is everything, and once someone has made a judgement based on you, it is very hard to get them to change their mind no matter how wrong that perception may be.

I think my lesson of the morning is to be more open to possibilities and to how I view people. Just because I have a perception of a person, doesn’t mean that they do not have the skills or qualifications to do another job that may be outside of the box I have placed them.

Anyway this was a really interesting article and definitely worth the read (Click here)

Donnie Dunagan with his wife, Dana, on a recent visit to StoryCorps in San Angelo, Texas. ( Photo by StoryCorps)

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