I…..Have a fur baby!

For as long as I can remember, I have ALWAYS wanted a puppy! Some of my earliest memories are of me walking with my parents and seeing a cute dog and then proceeding to ask them if I could have one….and them inevitably saying “no”.

Oh, how I longed to have a fluffy pup of my own to go hiking with, to love, to travel and see the world with. Finally, my dream has come true in the form of a now 12 week old Cavachon puppy. As a mixture of a graduation and birthday gift (Oh yeah my birthday was July 6th). I purchased Riley, and we have been together almost non-stop.

No idea what a Cavachon is? NO PROBLEM! Take a quick look at this video and you’ll understand my little Riley has stolen my heart….and the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with

Ev11222428_10207409122094171_1195013257982613960_oen though raising a puppy alone comes with its challenges, I am excited to see what adventures she and I can get into. I’m sure that once this adorable ball of fluff can be potty trained as well as given some obedience direction. That she will be even more of a perfect companion for me. My next mission is to convince my boss to allow me to keep Riley in my office during the day. For the most part, she doesn’t make noise unless she is excited of scared. Once she calms down and explores her new surroundings, she just lays under my desk and naps until it’s time to take her out to use the bathroom.

So wish me lunch with this little girl! As well as for getting my boss to let me bring her into the office so she can just hang with Papa all day.

You never know until you try right!


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