Reasons why I’m going to NYC Pride

1) For the fist time in history I don’t have to worry about growing old and alone without any rights In The eyes of my government 2) I know my history, and I know the struggle so many people before me had to overcome in order for this to happen and I should dance in the streets to celebrate this because they weren’t able to 3) Besides all of the anti-gay posts and anti- black post on FB created by my fellow citizens. I love this country, and I am damn proud of the progress we have made just within my lifetime. We have a long way to go, but right now I can see that the fight the LGBTQ community has been fighting, especially queers of color and trans citizens has been worth something! So why do we need a parade for our sexuality or our gender expression and straight people don’t? Because cisgendered citizens who are of the same background have never had to fight society and our government just for basic rights to love. It’s that simple. ‪#‎lovewins‬ and we will keep on winning!


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