Don’t Wait!

in-real-lifeI’ve been following a popular Youtuber by the name of Joey Graceffa for a few years now and recently he did something I believe is pretty amazing.

Rumors of Graceffa’s sexuality have been running ramped ever since he started his YouTube channel, but this weekend in conjunction with releasing his book entitled “In real life”. Garceffa addressed all of these rumors as well as sharing his life’s story in a music video.

Graceffa often openly speaks about living with a mother who was suffering from alcoholism and how he was bullied as a child, but he’s always shied away from publically addressing his sexuality.  Being such a huge YouTube star and having such a large following, it could be very detrimental to Graceffa’s career if he were to come out a Gay, but this didn’t stop our favorite content creator.

Take a look at what I mean:

I just want to commend Joey for being brave enough to share this art of his life with the world and I wish him all the best in the weeks to come. I know some people will have some negative thigs to say, but I just want Joey to know that he is loved and that his fans will support him no matter what. Shootady shoot shoot! We love you Joey!

Until next time! Take chances! Make mistakes and get messy everyone!!

P.S. Buy this song on iTunes!…

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