Ariana Grande nails it!

Grande Foster 23On April 8th, 2015, Ariana Grande decided to cover the late Whitney Houston “I have
nothing” while performing in Inglewood California.

I can honestly say that this performance was legendary! I mean….no it wasn’t how Ms. Houston would have performed it, but it was pretty darn close!

A nervous Grande pushes her hair back and tells her audience that she has a special guess who will be performing on of her favorite songs with her. She announces that award-winning singer/songwriter David Foster will be performing with her. Grande then goes on to recalls how when she was younger “I have nothing” was her go-to song for ANY occasion. She sings it in Gay bars, karaoke bars….almost anywhere where she could perform it.

Grande Foster

During the entirety of the performance, the pint-sized song bird perched herself on the edge of a baby grand piano and sang her heart out. (With what seemed like minimal effort on her part). Grande appeared to be right at home beside the Grammy, Emmy and Canadian Hall of Fame inductee David Foster as he played the piano and encouraged her with enthusiastic hand motions.

I literally got chills the first time I watched this video. GET INTO IT! COMMON SONGBIRD! SING THAT SONG!! (That was weird I’m sorry haha, but that was my literal reactions haha)

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