So….. welcome to the age of open mindedness!

Earlier today a friend of mine and I were having a conversation about how open most millennials are in the United States. Most individuals who belong to my generation do not think twice when it comes to expressing our opinions and how we expect the world to work. The same could be said of people looking at their sexuality on a spectrum.

Currently, in the United States there are 36 states who have some form of legal same-sex marriages. As same-sex couples are beginning to gain more recognition as the “norm” alongside their heterosexual counterparts. With that said, a series of social experiments have begun to develop to test this theory of mine. Challenging the boundaries of ourselves and those of our social counterparts have started to become a sort of game designed to bring awareness to the public. Take a look at this fantastic video of women going around her college campus and asking other women out on dates. Their reactions are PRICELESS!

Until Next time! Take Chances! Make mistakes! AND GET MESSY!!

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