YAAAEEESSSSs Get into it!!

Greeting everyone!

Please excuse my fangirl excitement that I’m sure will be ALL OVER this blog post, But I just can’t help it!

So a few weeks ago while I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed (Follow me) when I stumbled upon this amazing band, and I’ve been listening to their latest album ever since.


Maybe you’ve heard of them? Alabama Shakes is their name and singing to my soul is their game. During my late night study sessions and coffee breaks, I find myself swaying and just feeling all of the raw emotions that went into creating this amazing work of art.

With that being said, imagine my surprise when my friend posted a link to their life performance on SNL. I was ecstatic and so happy for them. I also love their energy as well as their whole take on becoming stars and what that means.

“Ever since Boys & Girls came out, we’ve tried hard not to give into media or public definition of what we should be,” guitarist Heath Fogg says. “So those kinds of influences have been there all the time, but this record pushes them to different extremes—before, if we had a more contemporary R&B feel, it was more hidden under a classic vibe, but it’s separated a little more drastically on this one.”

If you haven’t checked them out yes! GET INTO IT!!

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