Keep Calm and Adult on!


As we all know growing up is an inevitable thing that happens to us all, but when was that moment when you finally realized…..CRAP! I’M AN ADULT!?!?

For me, this moment was streamed out over this past February. I can remember sitting in my living room on my favorite part of our plushy brown couch surrounded by friends drinking a bottle of red wine and then it hit me. WHAT ARE WE DOING!?! WHO ARE WE!?

Not too long ago I was partying it up as an undergrad without a care in the world! Now I’m sitting here talking about the incredible interest rate I got on a new car and saying how excited I was to start applying for “real” jobs soon. Ironically at that exact moment my mother called me to asked if I had filed my taxes….me? Pay taxes? Li-Lik- Like a responsible adult? When did this happen?

I’ll tell you when! Somewhere between my last keg stand and moving to a new city for Graduate school I had blossomed into a beautiful adult. This came as a shock to me as my friends told me that I was becoming “a real person who had his shit together”. But honestly, Do I have my shit together?

On the outside, it might seem like I know what I’m doing, but in reality, I find myself fumbling around in the dark trying to find the precocial light switch for my adulthood. My friends might think that just because I am almost finished with graduate school, and I am able to take trips in addition to having a new car. That these facts make me an adult….when in reality it just makes me a person basically like everyone else.

I keep telling myself that yes you are an adult. You might feel like a scared 16-year old who is having to retake their road test every day, but that’s okay. I will be ok….YOU will be ok! Just Keep calm and Adult on!

(Special Shout out to the Society of Grownups for creating so many amazing ads about growing up. I love seeing them around Boston!)

Until Next time! Take Chances! Make Mistakes! Get messy! LIKE AN ADULT!! asset

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