Ushering In a New Era


As I sit in my living room in Boston Massachusetts (Because I’m snowed in again….thanks Mother Nature), I have to ask myself. Will this Black history month be any different than the ones which came before it? In schools, will teachers actually teach the history of our nation which is too often watered down or swept under the rug red white and blue rug, thus allowing a majority of our history to be forgotten by the patrons of knowledge who will one day cultivate our futures.

Personally I believe that America just might be moving towards a dialog regarding race that has not been addressed since the abolishment of slavery in 1865. 150 years, in terms of history that isn’t a long period of time. The scars of slavery still plague the Black community as a whole even today.

Note that I did not say African American community because it goes so much deeper than that. The treatments of Blacks not only in America, but around the globe has be extremely detrimental to our development as a collective culture. More often than not you will find individuals who will go out of their way just to explain to none people of color that they are NOT black because their great great great grandmother was Irish or that their grandfather twice removed was Native American. This type of segregation and unwillingness to admit one’s own blackness is part of one of the major issues that people of color much overcome if we are to move forward. It is time to admit to ourselves that “Yes I am black, this is what has happen to my people as a whole and this is how it has affected me and my family. Once one is able to admit this, then they will be free to move on and start to build a future free of the self-oppression which we all have grown so accustom to.


In abolishing our differences (aka team dark skin or team dark skin as it is known on twitter) People of color will be able to move on. I can’t tell you how many times people have made assumptions about me because I am a “fairer skinned black man”. Being called house slave or Mulatto growing up was super hurtful, just like I can imagine that growing up as a darker complexion black could be just as equally hurtful being called names like tar baby (Which fun fact was a character developed by Walt Disney in the 1880 depicting African American’s and other blacks as a character of stupidity who deserved to be disrespected). But I digress.The_Wonderful_Tar_Baby

At the end of the day we are all black, and receive the same horrific treatment herein America. My hope is that we can move past the divide and conquer mentality passed down to us by slave masters and come together to demand equality for all races, classes, religions, sexual orientation and any other category which would make someone a “minority” in America! For too long we have been the butt of racist jokes and police brutality. It is time to make our issues known to all of America and to demand that something be changed! I am not a second rate citizen! I pay my taxes and follow the laws of this country just like everyone else!

So let this black history Month be the turning point for all people of color. We have a lot of work to do, but in holding our government and fellow citizens accountable for their actions. We can start to make a change. Do not forget Ferguson or any other horrific act of racial profiling that occurred in 2014 to go unchallenged. It is time for America to make a change! So let’s BE the change we wish to see!!!

Singer D’angelo has already made a powerful statement on national television to kick off Black history month…take a look

Until Next time! Take Chances! Make Mistakes! GET MESSY!!!

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