Water is life!

The human body is comprised of roughly 65% water. That’s more than half of your total body makeup. Throughout the day our bodies also lose a portion of this water which can lead to dehydration and other medical issues. In order to survive we humans have to consume on average 2 liters of water a day. This water can come from the food that we eat or from actual viable water sources that we drink.

Now imaging that you live in a region where water is scarce or there is not enough clean drinking water to go around to sustain your community’s population. This simple fact can lead to allocating important resources to the continuous source for water. Most of these resources will come from members of the community who are seen as expendable. More often than not these members are children who, instead of going to school and receiving an education. Go out in search of clean water and ways to generate some type of income to buy clean water.

These facts are what motivated Dr. Theresa Dankovich to create a type of paper which will be able to purify tainted waters and transform them into clean drinking water without the use of bulky expensive machines.

In my opinion, I believe that this technology will revolutionize the clean drinking water industry. In many way this product will change the lives of its users, because not only does it give life through creating pure safe drinking water, but it also allows people to have available access to books which will help them to cultivate education among communities who use it.

This will revolution this industry. Slowly but surely literacy rates will rise and eventually these books could become manuals for how to do other thing to benefit their communities such as  how to build wells or how to clean and recycle materials that have traditionally been polluting a communities water sources. The possibilities of this product are endless, I have no idea why there aren’t more people promoting this!

Besides this product, what other products are there that can help to clean up our planet and benefit our Earthly community? Just ponder that for a while. Until Next time. Take chances! Make mistakes! and HELP CLEAN UP OUR PLANET!

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