Hilary is back! And she is on fire! (Amazon Fire that is!)

Wait? What is that sound? I think that is the sound of my childhood!

Lizzie McGuire aka Hilary Duff is back and better than ever! At 27 years old, Duff looks Amazing and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

For her new song entitled “All about you”, Duff was able to snag the attention of Amazon who pretty much used her video as a commercial for their new Amazon Fire phone. (Not that I’m complaining because I love this song and the phone looks pretty cool too **shrug**)

hilary-duff-all-about-you-music-video-amazon-fire-phoneEven thought I love her music and the reappearance of Hilary Duff, I can’t help but wonder if product placement and ads are getting out of control. According to marketingcharts.com the average American watches roughly about 5 hours per day.  It is reported that one                                                                                                        quarter of the programs                                                                                                           watched are advertisements.

“In fact, commercial clutter has been gradually increasing on network TV, where 14-and-a-quarter minutes of commercial aired during each hour of programming last year, up by almost one minute from 2009 (13:25).

Ad loads on cable are even larger – and have grown even more quickly over the past 5 years. Last year, 15 minutes and 38 seconds of commercials aired on average per hour of cable TV programming, up from 14 minutes and 27 seconds in 2009, though down from a peak of 16 minutes and 11 seconds in 2011. (Marketingcharts.com, 2014)

As a future marketer and marketing student these statistical numbers should make me happy. This means that there is a demand for new content to continuously be produced and that I could in theory have a very long and prosperous career. I also know that as more and more content is created in the realm of product placements in film, TV shows and music videos. All of which are places where I could  use my marketing, PR and business knowledge in order to navigate my way through these communication channels in order to further my career.

As a consumer, it makes me nervous to think about all of the control that companies could possibly have over me as well as my friends and family through the bombardment of blatant advertisements and subliminal advertising.

What I mean by this is that yes we aware of some of the ads being show to us and can make a conscious decision as to why we want to by a certain product, but at the same time I now find myself buying products that I have never had any prior knowledge about or expositor to. What’s even scarier than phantom shopping as I call it is the fact that after buying these products I feel like I have known there products all of my life and I have no idea why.

It wasn’t until I was watching this Hilary Duff video that I realized it. Subliminally everyway our brains are accosted with so much information that they can’t possibly process it all.  The reason I have become so familiar with so many of my phantom shopping purchases is because subconsciously my brain has begun to recognize these products and gain familiarity with them, thus influencing me to purchase these products.

Now, this is all merely my opinion and most likely my own delusional thoughts. I doubt that any of this makes any sense, but that is how my mind works.

SO in conclusion I have a challenge for you readers. After reading this, I want you to make a conscious effort to count how many ads you are exposed to for the rest of the day. Whether it be a TV commercial, a billboards, a poster or a radio commercial. Keep a tally of how many you see or hear. I’m sure the number will astound you!

Until Next time! Take chances! Make mistakes! And get messy!!

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