Tesla: Beauty and Brains

Beauty and brains are just two of the many adjectives that come to mind when I think of the Tesla Model S. This ground breaking work of engineering genies is one of the most innovative cars available for sale in any market today.

Now I know you are probably asking yourself why I am gushing over this seemingly ordinary, though hansom car. Well my friends I will tell you why.  Just imagine being able to drive you car for as long as possible and for as far as possible without leaving any emission behind. Yes, I said it. ZERO Emissions behind! In order to achieve this you would have to find a way to run all of the functions of your car without the use of gasoline or other harmful fuel agents. No I know most of you are currently rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself. “Oh this is just another hybrid” but Ahhh there you would be wrong. The Tesla Model X is not another hybrid. It is a completely electronic car that has all of the features and more of a traditional automobile. Truth be told, this is a super charged electronic car that would most likely wipe the floor with anything you currently have in your garage. If you don’t believe me….stay tuned.

Please Note the look of pure joy on Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima’s face…..as well as the look of pure terror on the faces of his passengers. This isn’t just some little toy electric car. This is a beast of a machine that will get you were you need to go…and in a hurry! The Tesla Model X is reported to go from 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. Sid Schwab, a Tesla sceptic turned owner describes his first time encountering a Tesla.

“Several months ago, for no reason I can think of, I sidled up to the Tesla guy at the annual car show in Seattle, and next thing I knew I’d signed up for a test drive the following week. I’d spent some time reading about the technological wizardry of the car, so as we dawdled through traffic in downtown Bellevue, there wasn’t too much Tom, the “advisor,” had to say that I didn’t already know. Then we pulled onto Interstate 90. “Looks clear into the HOV lane,” he said. “Why don’t you punch it?” I did. At which point my wife and I said, simultaneously, something I’m sure he hears several times a day: “HOLY S***!!!” The Tesla is a big car, a family car, a hatchback that seats five adults easily, and has room for a third row of rear-facing kid seats. It’s gorgeous and sleek, but at first glance one might not be thinking rocket ship. It is. With its strong electric motor it just goes like crazy, accelerates seamlessly, direct drive, no shifting gears. The power is there, instantly, at all speeds. There’s nothing like it. – Sid Schwab (Tesla Motors.com)

Besides being one of the smoothest most enjoyable rides on the road, Tesla is also one of the safest rides on the road. Literally…this thing is a tank. The following is an actual video from a customers dash cam as his Tesla Model S is struck by a speeding BMW M5 while stopped at an a 4 way intersection.

Tesla damage:


BMW damage:


Don’t worry all parties involved were not injured. As many of my friends and I prepare to start our families as well as move further away from each other. I can’t help but wonder how we will choose to protect our families. I believe that this car offers a secure and stylish option. Combining the best of technology and innovation, Tesla provides a viable option for the family of this generation. Each Tesla now comes with an auto piolet option which allows the car to drive itself with ease. Just think about the family car rides and road trips with friends that could happen all whiles Tesla drives you and your precious cargo to new heights and new adventures. I honestly do believe that this car will redefine how the world drives and how we interact with both our technology and our cars. Each tesla comes with a mobile phone app which allows you to control basic functions of your Tesla such as engine start and temperature control with a touch of a button. If you don’t believe me on how amazing Tesla is, go take a test drive for yourself. I’m sure you will become just as big of a fan as I have. This technology will allow us to continue striving forward without worrying about the negative impact we are instating on our planet. If every car and automotive manufacturer kept this in mind, then we would be able to create a better tomorrow today.

Tesla owner laurie orloski and her kids
Tesla owner laurie orloski and her kids

laurie-orloski-04Until next time remember. Take chances. Make mistakes! Get messy!!! (( Just not in my new car))

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