A Social Dialog With….Cheerios?

cheerios-effectIt isn’t very often that I find a brand which embodies everything I believe to be good in this crazy dog eat dog world we live in, but Cheerios and their “The Cheerios Effect” commercials have begun to give me hope. This series of commercials feature real storied about everyday cheerios users and each one melts my old icy cold heart, reviling a soft warm tender nougaty center filled with love and compassion.

Okay enough with the lovey dovey sentimental stuff, let’s move onto the story! In the media today racial tensions as well as tensions between those who believe that homosexuality is wrong and that everyone who agrees with these “heinous acts” should be put to death. Meanwhile in the real world the rest of us could care less about how people love….

Cheerios understands that this is a growing social issue and that in 2014, these issues should not still be prevalent in our society. So Cheerios and their parent company General Mills have developed this series of commercials to address these issues and to  show the world that regardless of race, class, gender fluidity, sexual orientation, physical capabilities or religion. We are all human beings.

Through André, Jonathan and Raphaëlle’s Story, cheerios consumers, the media and everyone in-between can now see the love that has developed as these three separate entities have come together to create on cohesive family unit built on love, compassion and the pursuit of happiness.

Not once in this commercial did they mention that Raphaell’s two fathers were Caucasian and that she is of African descent. I believe that this was on purposeful because it should not matter what the color of their skin is. These three individuals love each other and that’s all that should matter.

Jonathan’s take on this issue briefly by stating “People outside, who have problems with [me calling myself her dad] they [are] going to try to put doubt in our head, and you know, we [are going] to have to fight with that.”

Honestly people’s negative perceptions on their family and how they choose to raise their daughter…. (YES THEIR DAUGHTER!) Are completely unnecessary and unwarranted. In my opinion, those people should just keep their opinions to themselves. Remember the golden rule? Treat others the way you want to be treated!

I believe that Cheerios is doing an amazing job putting forth the good they wish to see in the world. Commercials such as this one have become increasingly more popular and the applause for these commercials by far drown out the backlash regarding them. (Such as the backlash after Cheerios introduced their mixed race family commercial last summer)

I take my hat off to General Mills and to Cheerios! Keep these amazing commercials coming guys! Each one opens up a channel that facilitates a dialog of understanding and education. THIS is what marketing should be able and THIS is the future of marketing. Keep up or be left behind ❤


Future Marketers Remember! Take Chances! Make mistakes! GET MESSY!!

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