Anti-Islamic Ads to Adorn New York City’s MTA Stations

Before I begin, I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and to relax. I also invite you to do the same because the topic I wish to speak about today is one that seriously makes me sick to my stomach. For the first time (to the best of my knowledge), a wide spread Anti-Islamic campaign will adorn Bus stations and Subways and billboards alike in the United State. Now I know what you are thinking. This has to be somewhere located in the southern part of America which has a history of anti- anything that is not the majority(No offense), but there is no way that this type of hate speech and horrific propaganda slurs could make it’s way to the predominantly progressive streets of New-York-City! Well my friends. You are SADLY MISTAKEN!Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller a notable political blogger and activist  has taken it upon herself to create a $100,000 USD campaign which would target Muslim nations and Muslim Americans alike. Though it has been known or years that that Geller harbored strong ant-Islamic sentiments. She has also long campaigned against anything related to Islam as well as to any  efforts the United States may have made in order to aid predominantly Islamic Nations. Even with this being said,  I would have never imagined that she would have been so bold as to create this type of hate speech, let alone thin it acceptable acceptable to post in a physical setting on a busy metropolitan street corner such as the one’s in New York. When I first hear of this I had to sit back and ask myself “How in the world is this legal?” The answer to this is the American Constitution and it’s First Amendment, that protects a citizen’s right to freedom of speech. This same amendment which is suppose to protect the citizens of the United States from oppression has now been turned into a weapon of mass destruction against a minority group.


When the MTA tried to block the campaign from being put up, Geller took them to court which ruled in favor of Getter’s First Amendment rights. When the MTA was asked to comment, their spokes person Adam Lisberg told the Daily News “If you read the court decision on this, our hands are tied” As I read more about this. I keep asking myself. “What can we do about this? How can we right this wrong?”. The answer to this is to take action! We have to draw as much peaceful action to this issue as we possibly can. We need to start emailing, writing letters, tweeting, facebooking and creating videos expressing our outrage. This type of behavior can not and will not be tolerated. Preaching  hatred and marginalizing fellow citizens is  disgraceful act. No one should ever have to live in fear due to their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, job profession, and any other category that sets them apart. This is what makes our world such a colorful place to live in. We should celebrate our differences! Not put people down for being different.That is what diversity is all about. Now I charge you…yes YOU! To go out there and make a difference. Let people know What you think. Create something to express how you feel and share it with the world! Remember! Take Chances! Make mistakes! GET MESSY!!

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